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Building materials

Thanks to our contacts we are able to impose ourselves on the market with quality materials and competitive prices at European level.

Lamellar beams, very solid and resistant structural materials produced gluing of wood boards already classified for structural use, stabilized in hygrometric content.

Materials for various styles of flooring, strips and joists and armor boards, make up the main wood products marketed.

Combustion materials and lubricating materials

Principle and most required of combustion materials pellets, follow the lubricating materials.

The pellet is also considered a compressed biomass fuel.

It is used both for domestic and residential heating, but also for large boilers and large plants in thermoelectric power plants.

A wide range of lubricants for civil and industrial use. For hydraulic systems, gears, turbines, pneumatic tools, compressors, sliding guides, emulsifying metal processing, oils for the food industry, special oils, etc.

Ferrous materials

We commercialize steel and building materials, quality and competitive prices.

Concrete reinforced concrete, with different diameter diameters, electrowelded nets in various types and sizes, sheet metal for bonding metal profiles and sheets, steel beams, wire, sheets and panels in general.

Metals are among the most used materials in every field, from building to industry, and in our brokering we are able to market top quality products.

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