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What are the services we offer?
We offer our Customers a Service designed to develop new contacts with potential Partners. We select and submit Large Businesses and other organizations interested in your skills and Core Business by taking direct contact with these realities.
How do we choose business partners?
Before making a deal with a potential Partner, it is right to verify the reliability of the Company concerned and the Services it has to offer. Thanks to our Industry Experience and our detailed Market Analyzes, we can confirm or not the reliability of your potential Partner.
Where is our operating headquarters?
The headquarters of FOFANA TRADING EUROPE in Domzale (Slovenia). But we are often in Italy, contact us to know where, and to make an appointment.
What are our main sectors?
Our main areas are marketing at European level, especially in the field of raw materials for wood, metals and plastics, but new sectors are added, at the request of the market.
Why choose us?
Punctuality, Reliability, Transparency, Efficiency. Let's reach our goal by using the best of our resources. The enthusiasm that characterizes it has led the Company to open more and more nations, enabling it to face ever-challenging daily challenges with a fundamental goal: enhancing product marketing.